The Amend Initiative

Empowering Individuals to Transform Themselves, Their Relationships and Their Communities by Addressing Wrongdoing and Repairing Harm

  • a determination to make a process fairer by altering, reframing and changing the ending of a conflict
  • a commitment to addressing lingering suffering
  • inviting accountability by choosing to create an alternate remedy

Restorative Justice for Victims, Perpetrators and Others Impacted by Crime or Wrongdoing

There are conflicts that are impossible for one person — a prosecutor, a judge, a parent, a victim, or a surviving family member — to fix alone. When safe, extensive, facilitated preparation is available, Restorative Justice meetings invite all parties impacted by harm to express responsibility to one another.


~  Gretchen Casey,

Restorative Justice Facilitator

Help for Those Who’ve Been Harmed     

If you have experienced harm or caused harm to someone else, I can help. Or, if you are an attorney, employer, or victim advocate who is interested in identifying ways to address and resolve a criminal act, I can help. 

I provide restorative justice meeting facilitation and individualized preparation and support to make a difference in the lives of all parties impacted by crime or wrongdoing. 

Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose.

~ Michelle Rosenthal